Increased Revenue

Many Whipsaw clients increase their revenue by shipping products designed by Whipsaw that achieve higher demand in the market. This is often the primary project goal of most clients, and we have many examples of revenue growth as a direct result of our contribution. For example:

– TP Link sells over 1 million of our router designs a month and is now # 1 in the world.

– Livescribe shipped 500,000 Echo pens in less than two quarters since introduction, helping to double annual revenue.

– Leapfrog sold millions of the Whipsaw LeapPads, and grew from a startup to the third largest toy company in the world.

– Cisco sells over 100,000 routers a week.


Increased Brand Awareness

Increased brand awareness is a valuable result of working with Whipsaw. We strive to get our clients seen and heard with new innovation that clearly communicates brand values.

– Eton exploded on the scene with exciting consumer electronic products that people talked about and wanted to own.

– Adiri did the same in the baby care market with our radical breast shaped baby bottle.

– We are also helping several Chinese companies like TP Link build their Brands through good design, effective messaging and accurate product positioning.


Increased Market Penetration

Increased market penetration is a common result of working with Whipsaw. We help clients identify market opportunities and create solutions to enter and win in these markets. Our clients typically receive a bigger slice of the pie when we supply the ingredients.

– Up until recently all kids lunch boxes were unwashable, unrecyclable and uncustomizable nylon bags. We designed Yubo to solve these problems, and as a result Yubo entered, succeeded in, and changed this established product category.

– Intel entered the healthcare market with the Whipsaw-designed MCA which is now the benchmark for efficient patient records keeping.

– Rio Audio’s market share grew from 9% to 21% in two months after shipping the Whipsaw product line.


Rapid Time to Market

Time-to-Market is often the key to rapid success, first-to market leadership, and recovery of development investment. We have no bureaucracy and our process is built for speed – so we have many examples of getting our clients to market fast.

– Topcon shipped their product line in half the amount of time it took them prior to Whipsaw, which helped them seize an early market lead with new GPS technology.

– General Dynamics almost doubled their speed to market, shipping a military notebook in one year instead of two.

– Some Eton products have gone from concept to production in less than 6 months.


Growth of Corporate Value

An important result of working with Whipsaw is when our innovations contribute to the growth of corporate value. Good design that wins in the marketplace, combined with innovation that builds on an intellectual property portfolio, can substantially raise corporate equity.

– This stock growth is the case with most of our startup clients like Pano Logic and Optovue, as well as many publicly held clients like IGT, Dionex and Leapfrog.


Achieved Start–Up Goals

Whipsaw has an impressive record of helping our start-up clients to achieve their business goals. This is one of our specialties. We usher start-ups through the design and development process, from a never-before-seen technology and a fresh concept all the way to a successful product launch. This unique ability to materialize a business plan ultimately helps to manifest a financial exit strategy. Some of these successes include:

– Amber Networks sold to Nokia for $421 million.

– Perebit was acquired by Juniper for $337 million.

– Securimetrics sold to Visage Technology for $41 million.

– Vudu sold to Walmart for over $100 million.