Gilles Bouchard
CEO, Livescribe

“Whipsaw has been a great contributor to the success of our Livescribe 3 smartpen. They helped us create a product which is technically amazing while remaining a beautiful and simple writing instrument. One of the key success factors was their ability to drive both product design and mechanical engineering. Another one was the personal commitment and involvement at all levels, with both Dan and Hiro pouring their heart and soul into the work and achieving great results under tremendous time and technical pressure.”

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Eduardo Falcon
Senior VP and General Manager, Topcon

“Whipsaw is unquestionably my preferred choice for Industrial Design and Mechanical Engineering consulting. Their work is nothing short of brilliant, especially when presented with very difficult ergonomic, environmental, and technical challenges. They meet targeted schedules and stay on budget, with no surprises, and they work effectively with third party sources across the globe. Most importantly the many products they have designed for Topcon enjoy a tremendous market success. I think the world of Whipsaw and it would be difficult to exaggerate on that.”

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Cliff Chao

“Whipsaw has been a most valuable partner for TP-Link. They have created wonderful new experiences for our customers and have profoundly changed the identity of our company. Whipsaw always surprises us with their incredible thought provoking ideas. They are open-minded and patient while taking our many opinions and objectives into consideration. It is clear that Whipsaw cares deeply about our projects. They are focused, reliable, and thorough in every detail”.

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Jennifer Morrill
CEO, Adiri

“When I came to Dan and his team they immediately understood what I was trying to accomplish. They started brainstorming and sketching ideas in the very first meeting that directly addressed my desire to create a natural, beautiful and functional rendition of my father’s unique baby bottle patent. And thanks to Whipsaw’s talent, vision and diligence, the final design hit it out of the park. In the end we had a sold-out first run, found ourselves on the awards podium with iconic international brands like Apple, and even landed in some museum exhibits. The whole adventure of designing the bottle with Whipsaw will remain a highlight of my life”.

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Esmail Hozour
CEO, Eton Corp.

“Over many years Whipsaw has repeatedly demonstrated their unique skills in bringing out the best of Etón’s potential through the design of our products. They have so effectively captured Etón’s identity, mission and goals in the look and feel of our products. When Whipsaw accepts an assignment, you feel that they become an integral part of your company. Through their design they bring your dreams to life.”

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Paul Pedrazzi
Co–Founder, Kinsco LLC

“On a small team, the impact of people and their ability to work together are magnified. This dynamic can either be the energy that propels you forward or drags you down. Knowing this, we took great care in choosing a design partner who was not only competent, but one we actually wanted to be around. That rare combination of humble, competent, and hard working is something truly special, and a formula we found in Whipsaw.

The Whipsaw team approached the work with equal parts passion and pragmatism. A keen eye towards not only what is possible but what is practical as well. Every decision was viewed through the lenses of customer needs, company profitability, and manufacturing complexity. This holistic view of design is a rarity and a critical ingredient to our success.

If accolades from expert designers are any judge, the product we designed has been a great success. But what moves us is when we see a child showing off their Yubo to their friends, or when we hear from a mom about how Yubo makes their life easier. Happy kids and customers are what we are all about, and without Whipsaw, we would still be working our way out of a paper lunch sack”.

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Philip Graham
VP Engineering / CTO TelePresence, Cisco Systems

“Cisco has worked with Whipsaw on a number of projects and in each case they bring expertise, a fresh perspective and drive to get the project done with a great solution, quickly, and with great quality. It is a pleasure to work with Whipsaw.”

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Dave Chavez
VP Engineering, Infinite Z

“Whipsaw not only offers formidable experience but they offer connection and insight on a level that is rarely found in other firms. They magically connect our vision and goals with a fully realized beautiful solution. They are insightful about every detail, even subtle aspects of the product. Whipsaw excels in synthesizing these important intangible factors while juggling all the details, design decisions, and project pressures to produce a fantastic product design.”

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Byron Connell
Chief Marketing Officer, Livescribe

“Whipsaw demonstrated tremendous teamwork, creativity and problem solving skills at all phases of our project. The effort produced an award-winning product (the Echo Smartpen) that both lowered costs and increased customer satisfaction. Echo is not only a sleeker and cooler design than its predecessor, it also delivered improved ergonomics, and integrated more convenient, industry-standard components. Our experience working with Dan Harden and his team at Whipsaw in developing the Echo smartpen was sensational. I would not hesitate to recommend Whipsaw to others and engage with the team again for future design needs. In my past 20 years managing and developing consumer tech products at Apple, HP, Palm, and Livescribe I’ve had the opportunity to work with many of the leading product design firms. Whipsaw is at the top of the list for their innovation, attention to detail, commitment to quality, and customer empathy”.

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Jay Wei
CEO, Optovue

“Whipsaw has been a great design partner for Optovue. They work closely with us to understand our product and company goals, and they provide a truly extraordinary level of creative problem solving. Together we have developed two very successful and important ophtholomogical products. Whipsaw’s efforts and contributions are a major part of our startup success story.”

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Joe Kaminkow
Vice-President Game Design, IGT

“Whipsaw made a significant and influential contribution to the most popular slot machine in the world. The G23 slot machine cabinet that Whipsaw designed is flawless and extraordinary. It set the standard that the entire industry aspires to.”

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Paul Hayter
Associate Director, Alza Corp.

“The Industrial Design experience Alza had with Whipsaw was fantastic. We were seeking and they delivered on both aesthetic and technical requirements of our design objectives. It is unusual to find a studio which can balance design aesthetics and functional sensibility with such finesse. The ideation and realization of our next generation design as a transformative design was wonderfully achieved.”


Bob Jacobs
Principal Engineer, Intel

“Working with Whipsaw was a huge factor in the success of our Healthcare PC reference design. Whipsaw’s work covered the gamut from user research and needs finding, design exploration along many avenues, realization of the optimal industrial design and detailed mechanical design and on-site Far East vendor visits. Their experience, insight, collaborative spirit and most importantly high level of skill enabled us to create a reference design that was adopted by multiple OEM customers.”

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