Blood Pressure Monitor

Blumio is a completely new kind of blood pressure monitor that uses digital radar technology instead of the conventional air pump cuff. Blood pressure is the single best indicator of general health, however BP monitors are cumbersome and uncomfortable. Blumio’s radar technology, which bounces radar waves off of arteries, offers many advantages over traditional cuffs. It does not squeeze the arm, it provides an instant measurement seen on your smartphone, it is more accurate, and it can measure BP constantly throughout the day which is beneficial to athletes, clinics and hypertension patients. Our challenge was to configure this amazing new technology into a comfortable, usable and attractive form factor. Our design solution is a thin fabric armband that has a pocket at one end which contains the flexible electronic sensing unit. To separate the electronic unit from the armband for cleaning, the armband grommet pulls apart like a snap to access the electronic unit. Blumio was announced at the Highway 1 Demo Day in May, 2016 and will be available soon.