Industrial Design Intern

Whipsaw is seeking a talented industrial design intern to join the San Francisco or San Jose studio. Whipsaw employs at least two industrial design interns at all times throughout the year. Work periods are typically semester-based, therefore between 3 to 6 months depending on the school. We have had interns from almost every design school in the USA plus many from schools across Europe and Asia.

Interns are highly valued and fully embedded team members at Whipsaw. Interns have direct interaction with clients and senior management. With this responsibility, interns are given the opportunity to have their concept selected by a client and make it to production! An ideal candidate has strong problem solving skills and is driven to develop thoughtful design solutions.

We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2019 internships.

What You’ll Do

  • Interface with industrial design, UX, visual design, and engineering team members to create seamless design solutions
  • Actively research design solutions and user applications
  • Concept exploration for diverse projects
  • Contribute to client presentations
  • Occasional model making


What You’ll Bring

  • 3+ years as an Industrial Design student (Junior and Senior+ level)
  • Sound problem solving ability
  • Innate sense of good aesthetics
  • Strong communication skills
  • A passion for design and a unique perspective
  • A portfolio that demonstrates concept exploration, innovative solutions, and communicates problem solving skills
  • 3D modeling and rendering skills – preferably Rhino, Solidworks, Alias, Keyshot or equivalent
  • Appropriate visa if International


About Whipsaw

Whipsaw is known for creating smart, unique and intuitive solutions.  We strive to profoundly connect with end users on both a rational and emotional level. In this pursuit we are recognized for consistently creating popular products that dominate their market niche and helping our clients achieve greater business success. Since our founding in 1999, over 500 Whipsaw designed products have shipped to market in many diverse industries from startups to international corporations.


Thank you for your submission. The Whipsaw team will review your application and get back to you soon.

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