Eton Exhibition Booth

Whipsaw created Eton’s 2010 to 2015 exhibition booth, designed primarily for the Consumer Electronics Show. Our objective was to create a stunning exhibition that instantly evoked excitement in Eton’s products and its brand. The booth is seen from afar, with its massive glowing sun and black “crank tower” acting as great beacons. Themed areas highlight five Eton product lines. The sun illuminates the solar product line resting below in sand; outdoor radios dangle from climbing rope above a grass column; roadside emergency flashlights perch on a bumpy road; American Red Cross radios surround a 22 feet tall column which references their dynamo cranks. The dominant perimeter structure joins these themed areas together while also defining the inner space. The booth is grand, it is different from all the others, and it looks distinctly Eton.

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    Branding, Industrial Design
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