Haier Washing Machines

Haier, one of the world’s top appliance manufacturers, engaged Whipsaw to help elevate one of their brand categories by pushing the boundaries of front-load washing machine design. Most front-load washing machines follow the same convention – a white box with a round glass door and puzzling controls. Our aim was to challenge these conventions by offering fresh and emotionally exciting solutions that would jolt the market. We were tasked to openly explore usability factors, form, materials, and new machine configurations. These are just a few of the outtakes.
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    Industrial Design, User Experience, User Interface
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Refining the finish

Concept A (above) features premium materials and an ultra-clean design. The touch zones are all metal, and status control lights appear through micro-perforations.

Aligning to the needs of a modern living space

Concept B features a smaller machine enclosure but with a bigger drum which is more spacious and efficient. Its unique post-modern design is fresh, quite appropriate for a laundry machine.

Creating a physical touchpoint to take with you

Concept C features a detachable control unit so you can monitor the status of a laundry load from anywhere in the house without the need for another app.