Eton Rugged Rukus

Rugged Rukus and Xtreme are solar-powered wireless music players, specifically designed for outdoor use. Both feature large and efficient solar panels which provide nonstop power to play music all day long without plugging in (a battery takes over at night). Users can also charge their smart phone by plugging it into the USB. The Rugged Rukus features two corner brackets for attaching to a backpack, tent, bike, etc. The larger Rukus Xtreme has a handle for easy carrying. We made these two products fun and sporty but also extremely tough. “The IPX4 water-resistance rating also makes it good for those who like to dance in the rain, and frankly, who doesn’t”? – Engadget. “Eton Rukus Xtreme Is Drop Dead Cool.” – Sound & Vision

  • Services
    Industrial Design
  • Awards
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - 2015 (Xtreme)
    • Red Dot - 2015 (Xtreme)
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - GREEN, 2014 (Xtreme)
    • Spark - Gold, 2013 (Xtreme)
    • IDEA - Silver, 2015
    • Red Dot - 2014
    • Chicago Athenaeum Good Design - Green, 2014
    • Spark - Silver, 2013
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