General Dynamics Topaz

Topaz is an industrial and military computer, designed to meet rugged US Army qualification testing. It is used by soldiers and technicians in a field of operation such as a battlefield to accurately and efficiently process mission-critical data. It provides rapid access to important information, and rapid calculation for high-tech equipment guidance, which reduces mistakes and saves lives. We designed and engineered Topaz to operate in extreme environmental conditions – it is waterproof, sand proof, lightning proof, vibration resistant, able to withstand high altitude and temperature, and drop proof up to five feet. The notebook is incredibly tough partly because of our innovative use of materials and processes – each major housing part is cast magnesium with integrated overmolded elastomer. The magnesium shell provides a strong, stiff, and lightweight skeleton, and the TPE helps to absorb impact forces and provide a tactile easy to grip surface. Topaz is easy to use because we made all interaction details intuitive, which is good especially when users are in a stressful condition.

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