Good Design Australia

The Australian Good Design Awards showcase the very best in design and innovation to a worldwide audience. Originally established in 1958 under the banner of the Industrial Design Council of Australia, the Awards have been setting the international standard for good design for more than six decades.

Recognised by the World Design Organization (WDO) as Australia’s peak international design endorsement program, the Awards have a proud legacy of recognising, rewarding and celebrating the projects, people and brands behind great design.  

Every year, the Awards attract cutting-edge design projects from across the globe, celebrating the very best in design, architecture, engineering, research, fashion, and social impact. Entries cover a vast range of sectors and industries, showcasing everything from the design of everyday products, to the buildings we live and work in, and the systems and processes that support business and communities.

The Australian Good Design Awards embody the philosophy that design has the power to shape a better world. With a focus on recognising and promoting the impact of design on our lives, business, industry, and society, these Awards strive to demonstrate the critical role design plays in creating a better, safer, and more prosperous future.

The Awards remain at the forefront of recognising and elevating the impact of design. Through our commitment to promoting and rewarding design excellence, we continue to strive to be a driving force in advancing the design industry and fostering positive change and progress in our world.