Glint Hero Lighting System

Glint Hero is the first luminaire that can point light in any direction without moving the fixture itself. Instead of a conventional single bulb placed inside a reflector cone facing out, Hero has a row of 10 fixed LEDs that shine up into a corresponding row of 10 tiny reflectors that can move. A joystick at the end of the row moves the complete row of reflectors in an X-Y axis. As the row of reflectors moves relative to the fixed row of LEDs below it, the angle of light changes dramaticallywithout moving the fixture and without having to touch a hot fixture. Since Hero never needs to move to aim light, multiple units can be perfectly aligned to one another for a clean contemporary look instead of a bunch of messy track lights aimed in many directions. Since the LEDs are pointed up inside the reflector instead of out, there is no glare whatsoever.

  • Services
    Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering
  • Awards
    • LIT - Design Award 2019
    • Light+Building - Design Award 2020
    • LEDs Magazine - Sapphire Award 2020
    • Lightfair - Design Excellence Award 2020
    • German Innovation Award - Gold, 2020
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