Good Design Award

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is a social movement to make people's lives, industries, and society more well-off through design. Since its start in 1957, it has gained widespread support along with its logo G Mark. GOOD DESIGN AWARD is for products, architecture, software, systems, and services that are relevant to people. Whether visible or invisible, anything that is constructed for some ideal or purpose is considered as design, and its quality is evaluated and honored.

In an ever more complex society, design has become indispensable for solving problems and discovering new ones, and people's expectations of design are gradually rising. The GOOD DESIGN AWARD helps people to discover the possibilities of design and expand the fields where design can be used through screening and a wide range of promotion, and is dedicated to a well-off society where everyone can enjoy creative life.

GOOD DESIGN AWARD is not a competition system to evaluate the merits of the design, but a mechanism to obtain new "discoveries" through the evaluation, and "share" with society together with G Mark to facilitate the next " innovation".

Our awarded projects