Ancient Ritual, Imperative Care, and Ravenchord Recognized by iF Design Awards

March 1, 2024

The iF Design Award was founded in 1953 in Hanover, Germany. As one of the oldest independent design institutions in the world, it has been consistently recognized for outstanding design and social engagement. Every year it welcomes more than 10,000 submissions from nearly 60 countries every year. This year, Whipsaw has been awarded three iF Design awards. See the winning projects below.

Ancient Ritual Arc Sauna, Designed by Whipsaw

Ancient Ritual Arc

Ancient Ritual’s Arc is an innovative personal sauna designed to provide a multi-sensory experience, including infrared heat, soothing light, high-fidelity surround sound, and software platform that incorporates artificial intelligence to evolve with the user.

Imperative Care Symphony Thrombectomy System, Designed by Whipsaw

Imperative Care Symphony™ Thrombectomy System

Symphony is a minimally invasive thrombectomy device that removes hazardous clots in patients’ veins via a catheter-based procedure. Imperative Care aims to make blood clot removal easier, less invasive, more effective, and more reliable. Its a showcase of how clever engineering can transform a product design solution.

Ravenchord Piano, Designed by Dan Harden

Ravenchord Piano

Ravenchord is an upright piano that exposes its strings to the audience, projecting sound and creating a deeper connection between the player and listeners while showcasing the instrument’s inner workings. Ravenchord is a piano concept from Whipsaw's CEO and Principal Designer, Dan Harden.

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