Ceribell EEG Wins Best in Show at MDEAs

The Cerebella Rapid Response EEG wins best in show at MDEAS

June 19, 2019

The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG solidified itself as one of 2019’s breakthrough medical devices with multiple wins at the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEAs). The device earned a gold medal in Testing and Diagnostic Products and Systems, a silver in NonSurgical Hospital Supplies and Equipment, and received MDEA’s highest honor, the “Best in Show” award.

Whipsaw CEO and Principal Designer, Dan Harden, and Ceribell Principal Engineer, Brad Bachelder, partnered to radically transform the EEG experience by melding disruptive technology and design to make EEGs accessible and affordable for the first time. The end product is a reimagined portable electroencephalogram which hospital technicians can now use to promptly detect non-convulsive brain seizures.

This FDA-approved medical device is a game changer. Traditional bulky EEG machines require patients to hold still for an extended period of time with electrode wires attached to their scalps. In response, Whipsaw worked closely with Ceribell to design a sleek alternative consisting of a disposable headband and mobile control unit. The device is lightyears ahead of the pack in its simplicity and speed—taking up a mere six minutes of a patient’s time. During which, the control unit’s “brain stethoscope” converts brain signals into sounds. The result? Medical technicians can now hear a seizure. This marks a true breakthrough in MedTech, as seizures often go undiagnosed in unconscious patients lacking visible symptoms. Unlike standard EEGs, the signals picked up by this innovative device are precise every time.

The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG also virtually eliminates diagnostic wait time. Data is immediately transferred to a cloud portal—offering technicians real-time remote viewing of EEGs. This groundbreaking technique dramatically lowers a patient’s risk of seizure-related death, brain damage, and secondary brain injuries.

Harden had the patient’s user experience in mind when he set out to create the product’s lightweight and comfortable design. Regarding his firm’s big win, he proudly remarks, “MDEA is the most respected award for medical product design, so winning Best in Show and Gold is an absolute thrill. Ceribell EEG represents design at its finest: where an old problem is completely turned upside down to discover a superior solution. Kudos to Ceribell for leading the field with radical innovation to improve patient care.”

The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG was also previously honored with a “Good Design Award.”

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