Designing for Impact: Whipsaw's International Design Awards Celebrate Human-Centric Innovations

Whipsaw Wins Six 2021 International Design Awards

January 26, 2022

Whipsaw continues to be recognized for product design excellence by the International Design Awards (IDA). In 2021, we were honored with three Golds, one Silver, and two Bronze IDAs for our home robotics, MedTech, and consumer electronics designs.

We won Golds for our designs of the Koda Robot Dog, the Martian Home Cleaning Robot, and the TCL Zoom Remote, Silver for the TP-Link Deco Line, and Bronzes for the Omnicell Syringe dispenser and the redesigned line of Tile Trackers.

KODA Robot Dog

KODA Robot Dog – Gold

KODA is a robot dog used as a family companion, documentarian, or a guard dog featuring advanced AI that lets it respond to its owner’s voice commands and emotional states. It has four 3-dimensional surround-view cameras and 14 motors, including the neck and tail, which gives it dog-like gestural qualities.

Martian Home Cleaning Robot

Martian Home Cleaning Robot – Gold

Martian is a one-arm cleaning robot that can reach high and low to clean showers, tubs, sinks, floors and countertops. Unique tool ends or “hands” can be swapped out for specific cleaning needs, and its three omni-wheels can turn sideways so Martian can maneuver in tiny spaces.

TCL Zoom Remote

TCL Zoom Remote – Gold

TCL Zoom is the first TV remote control and interface for kids. The integrated system was designed around child psychology with an emphasis on discovery, surprise, and physical action. The result feels like a magic wand that responds to gestures and features voice control and sound effects.

TP-Link Deco Line

TP-Link Deco Line – Silver

Deco is a high-performance home WiFi system. Its proprietary mesh technology lets it automatically switch devices to the best signal while users move through the house. These products are exquisite in form, detail, and color, and our metaphorical design symbols suggest speed, range, or purpose.

Omnicell Syringe Dispenser

Omnicell Syringe Dispenser – Bronze

The Omnicell automatic syringe dispenser is used in hospital settings to securely and quickly dispense preloaded syringes. We devised a four-auger motor drive system in a compact box that holds up to 26 prefilled syringes. This system lets hospitals carefully control the distribution and inventory of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, including narcotics which require strict monitoring.  

Tile Trackers

Tile Trackers – Bronze

Mate, Sticker, Slim, Pro, and Ultra are the new Tile trackers designed to instantly find your lost items. Each tracker was designed in a unique form factor to fit its use case, and offers a greatly increased finding range of up to 400 feet, a louder ring, and voice-enabled finding through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

“Thank you IDA for all the awards! Our wins this year ran the gamut, from kids’ electronics to robots to syringe dispensers. In each case, we applied our typical user-centric and emotionally rich design approach to create real value for the end user.  Each of these clients went all-in when it came to design quality, so this award is theirs too.” —Dan Harden

The International Design Awards celebrates design visionaries and seeks to discover emerging talent around the world. The 2021 IDA Jury was made up of industry experts, creatives, and leaders in the fields of architecture, fashion, interior, product, and graphic design.

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