Google, TCL, TP-Link and Others Win Red Dot Awards

Whipsaw honored with seven Red Dot Awards

April 6, 2021

Whipsaw shines this awards season with seven Red Dots in the product design category. Our winning designs are transforming a range of industries, from robotics to electronics to wearables. These wins reflect our synergistic collaborations with our client partners.

The following innovations earned 2021 Red Dots for their bold and fresh designs:

KODA Robot Dog


We designed the world’s first consumer robot dog, powered by decentralized AI, in an approachable and sleek form to function as a family companion, guide dog, guard dog, documentarian, and assistant.
Design credits: Akifusa Nakazawa, Wei Gu, Dan Harden
Released 2021

“Rather than designing a traditional robot, we wanted to carve out an entirely new category in the consumer robotics market.” —Akifusa Nakazawa, Whipsaw Senior Industrial Designer

TCL Zoom


Zoom is the first TV remote control and interface for kids designed around child psychology in a magic wand-like form that responds to gestures and features voice control and sound effects.
Design credits: Cole Derby, Dan Harden, Mark Hearn, Britt Jensen, Brian Leach, Kellee Kimbro
Released 2020

“The Whipsaw ID and UX teams were thrilled the TCL Zoom remote was selected for a 2021 Red Dot. The project will bring kids a new and engaging TV streaming experience with an exciting take on the classic remote.” —Mark Hearn, Whipsaw Industrial Designer

Google Trekker


The redesigned Trekker is a durable, waterproof, lightweight, and balanced backpack that photographs and produces interactive maps of unchartered territories for Google Earth and Street View, and can easily accompany any world adventure.
Design Credits: Elliot Ortiz, Dan Harden, Britt Jensen
Released 2019

Glint Hero


Hero is the world’s first luminaire that can point light in any direction, prompted by a user-friendly joystick, without moving the fixture itself.
Design credits: Dan Harden, Cole Derby, Carlos Terminel, Yale Shaw, Cheng-Fu Hsieh
Released 2020

TP-Link Deco V20


The Deco V20 is a WiFi router featuring TP-Link mesh technology and an integrated Alexa assistant to meet all your smart home needs. You can move around your home while keeping your high speed devices connected, control your home with voice commands, and listen to your favorite music in premium quality.
Design credits: Dan Harden, Wei Gu, Sungbum Park
Released 2021

TP Link Deco X80 5G


This is the first 5G Deco gateway device that uses TP-Link’s unique mesh technology to create a strong, secure, and incomparably fast Wi-Fi signal throughout all corners of the home. Design credits: Wei Gu
Released 2021

“Unlike traditional routers, this one is ultra fast. We designed the Deco X80 with ‘turbo’ capabilities and a hurricane shape on the top to evoke its high speed.”  — Wei Gu, Whipsaw Senior Industrial Designer and Manager of China Business
TP Link Deco X20 4G


This mesh WiFi gateway with TP-Link’s HomeShield offers real time IoT and network protection, robust parental controls, and comprehensive reports for accessible Internet to produce an unparalleled whole-home WiFi experience.
Design credits: Galen Eliason-Carey, Wei Gu
Released 2021

The broad range of our wins across many categories demonstrates our belief that design can positively influence every corner of life. – Dan Harden

Since 1955, Red Dot has grown into one of the world’s largest and most renowned design competitions. The Red Dot distinction is now an international symbol of design excellence.  

The 2021 jury was composed of over 50 international experts who tested and evaluated each of the 18,000 entries they received from over 70 countries. Last year, Whipsaw earned a Red Dot for its elegant and approachable design of the Cisco Meraki MV Series. These 2021 wins bring Whipsaw’s Red Dot total to 36.

“Red Dot is one of the most discerning and difficult awards to win, so we’re especially honored to win seven. The broad range of our wins across many categories demonstrates our belief that design can positively influence every corner of life. A big thanks goes to our extraordinary clients for sharing in that belief,” said Dan Harden, CEO and principal designer of Whipsaw.

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