IDA Honors Whipsaw with 3 Gold Awards for Ceribell, Penumbra, and Bizzy

Whipsaw is honored with 3 Gold Awards in Product Design

January 28, 2020

Whipsaw’s visionary designs sweep the International Design Awards (IDA) with three Gold Awards. The Ceribell Rapid Response EEG, the Penumbra Clot System, and the Bizzy Home Robot were the only products to earn Gold in their respective categories.

The Ceribell EEG is a revolutionary FDA-approved mobile electroencephalograph that converts brain signals into sounds. This multiple award winning, easy-to-use device is a lifesaver for unconscious patients lacking visible seizure symptoms. The Penumbra Clot Removal System is a compact and portable machine used to perform revascularization surgeries that prevent heart attacks, strokes, and neurological damage. The Bizzy Home Robot is a small and attractive service robot that efficiently performs basic chores and uses AI to safely navigate around the home with personality.

Ceribell EEG

IDA awarded both Ceribell and Penumbra Gold in the Industrial & Life Science Design for Medical & Scientific Machinery category. IDA Jury Member Melissa Sterry, founder of Bionic City, calls Ceribell a “much needed innovation,” and  “anticipates [Penumbra] making a notable impact.” Bizzy won in the Media & Home Electronics category.

“To win three Gold awards, and the only ones in their respective categories, is quite an honor. Each of these three products aim to help the human condition, so the recognition is especially appreciated. A big thanks goes to our clients for entrusting us to innovate on such a high level,” said Dan Harden, CEO, Whipsaw Inc.

Penumbra - Whipsaw Product Design and Innovation
Penumbra Clot Removal System

The IDA was created in 2007 as a “celebration for smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design.” Each year the IDA honors standout designs in the disciplines of Product Design, Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design and Fashion Design.

Bizzy Home Robot

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