IDEA Recognizes Work for PacBio, Ravenchord, and Kabata

Whipsaw honored with one silver award and two finalists from the International Design Excellence Awards

August 24, 2023

The International Design Excellence Awards presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America annually acknowledges designs from around the world, evaluating them on innovation, aesthetics, accessibility, and societal impact. 2023 marks the 43rd anniversary of IDEA, making it one of the longest-running and largest industrial design awards in existence.  Whipsaw celebrates with one silver award and two finalists.

PacBio Revio – Silver (Medical/Health)

Revio is an innovative gene sequencing machine used in human genetics, cancer research, and more. It conducts genetic diagnostic tests, revealing diseases, studying cancer genomes, and characterizing viruses and rare disorders.

Ravenchord Piano – Finalist (Concepts & Speculative Design)

Ravenchord is a revolutionary upright piano that exposes its strings to the audience, projecting sound and creating a deeper connection between the player and listeners while showcasing the instrument’s inner workings.

Kabata Smart Dumbbells – Finalist (Sports, Leisure & Recreation)

Kabata is an intelligent dumbbell system that uses data analytics and onboard sensors to adjust weights and provide real-time feedback during workouts. It offers a wide weight range and connects to a mobile app for personalized training programs and performance tracking.

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