Introducing PRISM, a Design Podcast with Dan Harden

Introducing PRISM

April 1, 2021

Whipsaw Founder and Principal Designer Dan Harden has been a prominent figure in the field of design for over 25 years. He has brought more than 1000 products to market, won over 300 design awards, and has been granted over 500 patents.

Harden will now funnel his experience and knowledge into our new Whipsaw podcast, PRISM. Just like a glass prism that reveals the colors hidden inside white light, this podcast will uncover the true vision, purpose and people behind the innovations that impact our world.

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Trailer Transcript:

Hi, I’m Dan Harden, and welcome to Prism. I am the founder, CEO, and Principal Designer at Whipsaw, a design agency in the Silicon Valley. We design and engineer every kind of product you can imagine: consumer electronics, housewares, medical equipment, wearables, robots, furniture, industrial products, and more.

Since our founding in 1999, we have brought over 1000 products to market for more than 300 clients, including Google, Samsung, Dell, Uber, Merck, and Nike; plus exciting startups like Roku, Dropcam, Harry’s, and Tonal.

As an industrial design consultant, I often get first exposure to some very cool future technology, and have had the opportunity to work with legendary people like Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Hartmut Esslinger, and Rupert Murdoch. Every project is a unique journey where people, business, technology, and design intertwine in complex and unpredictable ways.

These remarkable experiences that I’ve had as a designer are what inspired me to do a podcast. Like a glass prism that reveals the color hidden inside white light, this podcast will reveal the inside story behind innovation, especially the people that make it happen.

I will aim to uncover every guest’s unique point of view that fuels their individual creative genius. I hope you’ll join me on this pursuit and again, welcome to Prism.

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