Introducing the MXXY Hydration Pack

MXXY's launches kickstarter campaign

September 23, 2020

Whipsaw collaborated with MXXY Outdoor to design and develop the MXXY Hydration Pack—the only hydration system that delivers a perfect blend of electrolytes and hydration by simply twisting a valve. The pack is attractive, comfortable, easy to maintain, and dishwasher safe.

Traditional hydration packs are only designed to carry water. MXXY’s disruptive design features a dual reservoir system (one for water and the other for electrolytes), along with a strap-mounted dial that enables toggling between the two bags.

MXXY Hydration Pack

The pinch valve system has five settings so users can select straight water or a blend containing a customized percentage of electrolytes. Electrolyte-deficiency, or hyponatremia, often causes athletes to experience such symptoms as muscle weakness and cramps. The MXXY Hydration Pack is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes who need immediate access to hydration and want to customize their nutrients depending on their activity and exertion level. In fact, world champion rock climber Sasha DiGuilian recently signed on as MXXY’s chief performance director.

MXXY Outdoor was founded by longtime friends Drew Dawson, Nicholas Belgum, Jack Elders and Ashton Finegold.

MXXY’s kickstarter campaign runs until Thursday, October 8th.

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