Kabata Smart Dumbell Wins Red Dot

Kabata is honored with a Red Dot award

July 19, 2023

Established in 1995, the Red Dot Awards are presented annually for products that demonstrate remarkable quality, functionality and innovative design. For the 2023 awards, this esteemed competition, one of the world’s largest and most prestigious, attracted approximately 20,000 submissions from 60 countries.

Whipsaw took home a 2023 Red Dot award for its Kabata Smart Dumbbell design, an automated adjustable-weight dumbbell set that allows real-time tracking of training data through integrated sensors, including acceleration, position, temperature, pressure, and heart rate. The dumbbell’s interactive weight-adjustment system changes weight in a fraction of a second, and users can access training programs and share results through the Kabata app.

Kabata Smart Weights

The Red Dot jury stated, “Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand in the intelligent and minimalistically designed Kabata Smart Dumbell system.”

The international panel of judges comprises seasoned experts from various fields, who have convened for more than six decades to carefully select the year’s premier design. Their evaluation centers on criteria like innovation, functionality, formal excellence, durability, and ergonomics, marking Whipsaw’s remarkable 37th Red Dot award victory.

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