PacBio and Kabata Win iF Design Awards

Whipsaw is recognized by iF Design Awards for Kabata Smart Dumbells and PacBio Revio

May 31, 2023

Whipsaw is recognized for our design work by iF 2023. Whipsaw’s design for Kabata Smart Dumbells and PacBio Revio garnered iF Design Award wins from a panel of 132 independent design experts from around the world.

Kabata Smart Weights

Kabata Smart Dumbells Usher in a New Era for Home Fitness

Kabata is the world’s first auto-adjusting dumbbell weight training system. With its innovative cam mechanism, users can effortlessly adjust weight from 5 to 60 pounds in just two seconds using a dial control or during a connected training session. Kabata’s embedded sensors correct form, guide strength training circuits, and deliver activity metrics with the accompanying training app.

PacBio Revio

PacBio Revio Moves Gene Sequencing Forward

PacBio Revio is a revolutionary gene sequencing system that is transforming human genetic analysis, cancer research, and agricultural genomics. It stands as the first of its kind, capable of sequencing up to 1,300 whole human genomes annually under $1,000 USD per genome. With its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge instrument design, Revio embodies sophistication, competence, and precision.

Whipsaw has been a consistent iF winner since 1999. Previous wins include Cisco Meraki MV Series Security Cameras, Silk Road Medical Enroute, Penumbra Clot Removal System,Tile Pro, and Openpath Smart Door Reader, among others.

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