PacBio Revio Wins Best Commercial Equipment Design at Core77 Awards

Whipsaw is honored with the Commercial Equipment Award for the PacBio Revio™️

June 24, 2023

Whipsaw is honored to receive the Commercial Equipment Award for the PacBio Revio™️ Sequencing System in the 2023 Core77 Design Awards.

The Core77 Design Awards is an established organization that honors the diverse and extraordinary contributions of designers worldwide. Year after year, the event showcases remarkable designs that push boundaries, redefine possibility, and challenge conventions.

The lead member of the judging panel for the commercial equipment category stated, “Not only was the design exceeding well thought-out from a user interface perspective, but the attention to detail in the industrial design solution was also exceptional.”

PacBio Revio™️

A Game-Changer in Genetic Research and Disease Detection

Revio, the revolutionary gene sequencing machine, has redefined the field of genetic analysis with its exceptional capabilities. Designed as an all-in-one laboratory machine, Revio enables genetic diagnostic tests, including the identification of underlying genetic diseases, analysis of cancer’s genomic structure, and characterization of infectious viruses and rare diseases. With the ability to sequence 1,500 whole human genomes annually at a cost of under $1,000 per genome, Revio represents a true innovation.

Inside Revio

Inside Revio’s State-of-the-Art Test Chamber

Revio’s interior test chamber, equipped with genetic material sample cell trays, a robotic arm, and a waste bin, ensures optimal conditions for testing. The user-friendly interface, featuring dual displays and intuitive controls, simplifies setup, provides real-time monitoring, and delivers results.

Stuard Harvey Lee, founder of Prime Studio, and a panel of four esteemed design figures, chaired the jury for the commercial equipment category. The virtual ceremony, held on Tuesday, June 20th, unveiled the winners across 23 categories, featuring eight new additions. Watch Here

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