PRISM: AI, Design, and the Meditative Mind with Branko Lukic

Dan Harden and Branko Lukic on PRISM

June 15, 2023

A big question in the realm of design today is whether artificial intelligence is a friend or foe. Dan Harden and design visionary guest, Branko Lukic, explore the profound implications of AI for designers and the remarkable power of meditation in fostering a creative mindset.

About our guest

Branko is a Design Fellow at Logitech and was formerly the founder and Principal Designer at NONOBJECT. Prior to founding NONOBJECT, Branko was lead industrial designer, first at Frog Design and later at IDEO. Branko holds many patents and has won numerous awards, including Business Week’s IDEA Gold Award, Red Dot awards, and Good Design awards. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and design exhibitions and has lectured at the d.School at Stanford University. Branko holds a BS in Industrial Design from the University of Arts in Belgrade, Serbia.

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