Ravenchord Wins a Red Dot Design Award for Concept Design

June 20, 2024

Whipsaw is honored to be the recipient of the Red Dot Award: Design Concept 2024 for the Ravenchord Piano. This innovation is the brainchild of Whipsaw founder and CEO, Dan Harden, who is a music enthusiast. Ravenchord is a product of the Whipsaw Design Lab (WDL).

Introduced in 2005, the Red Dot Design Concept award aims to spotlight and recognize emerging design concepts and breakthrough innovations, highlighting the potential of future successful products. Over the years, this award has evolved into a highly honored platform for commending design endeavors in their excellence. This award honors projects at various stages of development, from initial concepts to near-market-ready prototypes. It underscores design's pivotal role in the future’s landscape of innovative solutions.

Ravenchord is a completely reimagined acoustic piano and exhibits how form and function can become one, strengthening the quality of the musical experience. It is a “front projection upright piano”. All working elements are exposed, so you can see exactly how the sound is being created. The player is revealed too since they now directly face the audience. Ravenchord instantly changes your perception of a piano, turning it into something strangely evocative and utterly dynamic. 

Learn more about this project and the inspiration behind it in Unveiling Ravenchord: A Radical Piano Redesign from Dan Harden

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