Redefining Quality Relaxation with New Technology

June 10, 2024

Massage therapy dates back to as early as 3000 BC and has been used for various purposes, from treating physical ailments and internal medicine to competition preparation and tissue manipulation. As the applications of massage therapy continue to evolve, Whipsaw partnered with Aescape to honor this timeless tradition, deeply rooted in ancient cultures worldwide.

Eric Litman, CEO and Founder of Aescape, and Dan Harden, CEO and Principal Designer of Whipsaw at their first New York meeting

Innovative Approaches to Embracing Challenges

When Eric Litman, CEO and Founder of Aescape, first met with Dan Harden, CEO and Principal Designer of Whipsaw, there was an immediate interest in Whipsaw's approach. We go beyond simply designing a beautiful product or completing engineering tasks; we also bring emotional and psychological solutions that help connect human and machine on a much deeper level. Rather than replacing traditional methods, our collaboration aimed to meet today’s demands in a novel fashion. We enriched the massage landscape with a distinctive approach, inspiring a fresh and innovative massage culture of its own.

In the early stages of Aescape, we asked ourselves, "How will people accept this product?" The Whipsaw team flew to New York to check out the first prototypes. At the time, the Aescape team consisted of about 10 people working in a collaborative startup space. Eric, an experienced founder, shared his vision with us. Recognizing that consistent and quality self-care isn't always accessible, customizable, or repeatable. We embraced the challenge of elevating the massage experience by creating an immersive digital and physical experience, ultimately partnering with Aescape to deliver the first fully automated on-demand robotic massage.

Crafting Durability with an Emphasis on Luxury

When it came to the look, feel, and touch, we experimented extensively by balancing both durability and luxury. We reviewed dozens of different CMF combinations to determine their impact on user perception. Our team was inspired by the challenge of combining traditional massage, wellness, mindful meditation, ritual, and relaxation, with technology, high performance, and luxury. This unique combination felt akin to climbing into a supercar, surrounded by beauty and cutting edge technology. To perfect the feel of the massage table, we engaged in extensive prototyping and 3D printing with expandable foam. Nearly everyone in the office tested various positions as we worked to define something entirely new.

Building of the Aescape Robotic Massage Table Prototypes

As you approach the Aescape experience, soft, organic robot arms extend a welcoming embrace, their smooth contours resembling real body parts, instilling a sense of relaxation even before you recline. Above, four detailed camera/light assemblies image your body discreetly, with camera lenses cleverly nestled within light rings to allay any apprehension. The soft glow they emit enhances the ambiance, seamlessly integrated to ensure a serene environment.

Robotic massage arms glide quietly alongside the user, with mechanisms concealed inside the massage table that maintain a clean exterior design. Every detail, meticulously considered and optimized, culminates in an experience that epitomizes quality and invites wholehearted acceptance of this revolutionary innovation.

Aescape Robotic Massage Table, Whipsaw

Empowering Your Comfort and Peace of Mind

The Aescape massage experience puts complete control in the hands of the user. With its state-of-the-art interactive touchscreen console, Aerview, users can personalize every detail of their massage. From adjusting pressure settings to selecting sounds, ambience, and even the screen’s visuals, your preferences are saved for future sessions, ensuring a consistently tailored experience. Additionally, Aescape's massage tables are designed with advanced safety features, including pressure sensors and emergency stop and pause functions for ultimate comfort and peace of mind.

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