Tascent, Bobrick, AGS, and TP-Link Designs Win IDEA Awards

Whipsaw honored with two Silver awards and three finalists in the IDEA 2017 competition

October 18, 2017

Whipsaw was honored with two Silver awards in the IDEA 2017 competition – the Tascent Insight One and the Privada Bathroom Partition System. We were also granted three finalists for the AGS Orion slot machine, the TP-Link wearable “Quarter Camera” and the TP-Link Design Strategy.

IDEA is an initiative of the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA). Judging for design excellence is based on design innovation, benefit to the user, benefit to the client, benefit to society and appropriate aesthetics. Proving design truly is a universal language, IDEA attracted hundreds of entries from 54 countries on six continents. Innovations abound in the latest winners submitted by design firms, corporations, universities and more. “IDSA IDEA 2017 winners demonstrate how designers are able to capture what’s invisible to others and inspire beauty through the smallest of details within the simplest of artifacts,” said IDEA 2017 Jury Chair Owen Foster, IDSA. “Winners go beyond the tangible that we are so accustomed to seeing—to cultivate amazing, holistic ecosystems.”

Tascent Insight One is an iris scanner and face scanner used in airports for security checks. It helps to speed queues, reduce stress, and improve passenger clearance accuracy. Users approach it and follow a simple user interface. Within seconds it scans passengers and displays a pass (✔) or no pass (✕) symbol. The ring light illuminates the face and iris evenly, and also lights up green or red. InSight One is more accurate than personnel because it eliminates subjectivity and human error. We gave it with a clean international look that conveys trust, and engineered it for public abuse. It is elegant yet robust including die cast aluminum and safety glass parts, and a strong modular mounting system. Compact, superb biometric performance and a human-centric approach to design, InSight One is a game changer for the future of travel. Announced Jan 2017, Tascent is currently being deployed in airports around the world.

Privada Bathroom Partitioning System is a high-end toilet partitioning system. It is designed to meet the discerning needs of architects, building developers and end users that want a beautiful, simple and functional restroom solution. Upon entering a Privada restroom, visitors are greeted with a simple and fresh appearance, unlike conventional dull and dreary restrooms. Flush doors with minimal gaps between panels give Privada an increased level of privacy for users. Instead of the traditional frame construction, the Privada panels are suspended on a patented telescoping leveler that bolts to the ground. This unique structural element allows for height adjustments and level correction on uneven floors. All fasteners on Privada are concealed. This concealment plus flush panels allows the system to be easily and completely cleaned, which is an essential attribute of Privada. Within this minimal and seamless appearance, the true power of the design solution is found in the details, especially the touch points. The handle and lock hardware feature elegant forms, intuitive operation, and durable stainless steel construction. Panel materials were chosen with sustainability in mind and contain 30-100% recycled content. Privada is quintessential restroom design: elegant, clean, smart.

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