Tonal Named a Best Invention of 2021 by TIME

Tonal Strength Training System Featured in TIME's "100 Best Inventions of 2021"

November 12, 2021

We are excited to announce that the Tonal Strength Training System made the list of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2021. After being evaluated on criteria including originality, creativity, efficacy, ambition, and impact, Tonal earned its spot in TIME’s Fitness category.

Until now, the at-home gym experience included a pile of cluttered weights. The Whipsaw-designed Tonal is the first-ever digital strength training system with interactive workouts powered by machine learning. Its disruptive design allows it to elegantly hang on any wall like a flatscreen TV.

Tonal adapts to every body and every workout to get you fit faster. A pair of independently adjustable arms extend outward from a display that presents video workouts with live coaching. Each arm houses a cable that provides an adjustable amount of resistance of up to 200 pounds to perform all workouts. Sensors control the weight resistance and respond to users automatically. Struggling to complete a rep? Tonal will spot you.

“We’re thrilled to see that Tonal made TIME’s 100 Best Inventions! As designers and engineers, it’s always such an honor to work on a groundbreaking innovation like Tonal. It was years in the making, and to finally see all the people that have vastly improved their health with Tonal is a real kick,” said Dan Harden, CEO and design lead of the Tonal project.

TIME’s annual Best Inventions list is in recognition of groundbreaking products, software, and services that solve compelling problems in creative ways for a better world.

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