Yanko Design Features Whipsaw Home Robots

Whipsaw's home service robots feature in Yanko Design

August 10, 2021

Whipsaw’s home service robots are being featured by top industrial design news publication Yanko Design throughout the week. Each of these robots exemplify how technology and design can merge to create futuristic but approachable AI assistants and companions.

“We have been working on different kinds of robots for the last 10 years,” says Whipsaw CEO and Principal Designer Dan Harden.  “Some have been industrial and retail robots, but we have been most excited by residential in-home consumer service robots which have been the robot industry’s ‘forecast and promise’ for the last 50 years.”

Yanko’s review of Whipsaw features:

KODA – the world’s first high end robot dog with advanced AI that assists humans by monitoring and protecting properties; helping disabled people navigate safely; serving as a household companion; and functioning as a technology learning platform for individuals, schools, and robotic research institutions. KODA’s design strikes a balance between a friendly Labrador and a slightly intimidating doberman to fit its many purposes.

Bizzy & Martian – sophisticated (yet low cost) one-arm robots concepts we developed to help users with household chores like picking up laundry and toys, fetching drinks, and watering plants. Bizzy and Martian are iconic bots that, when idle, are very small with its round control face resting low, but when working, the face and arms rise, deploy, and come alive. Our designs created an appearance paradigm for a whole new category.

Rosie Robots – Whipsaw’s first attempt to build a low cost single arm robot that performs basic tasks. It was on this project where we were able to establish ideal dimensional and weight characteristics. Interestingly, our Rosie designs began to mimic animal forms as a result of body, arm, and hand functions.

“We are finally seeing an inflection point where the technology is becoming more capable but also cheaper, while at the same time consumer acceptance and interest in home robots is rising…It is one of the most exciting design frontiers since the very founding of our profession.” –Dan Harden

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