Yanko Design on KODA Robot Dog

Whipsaw-designed KODA is unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show

June 29, 2021

The world’s top innovators unveiled their latest projects at the 2021 virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Among them was the Whipsaw-designed KODA, the world’s first high-end robot dog with decentralized Artificial Intelligence. This automated dog uses blockchain technology to adapt to its owner’s behavior. Whipsaw’s design achieved a balance between a sleek robot and a family-friendly companion.

KODA was designed to play various roles, including guide dog, security dog, personal assistant, documentarian, and companion. Its high-resolution display and multiple sensors also allow it to detect its owner’s emotions, so over time, KODA learns how to behave.


Yanko Design, the leading product design publication, notes how far robot technology has come since Sega Toys’ Poo-Chi launched in 2000. KODA features reasoning, planning, learning, and decision-making capabilities. Its decentralized AI enables it to successfully provide physical and emotional support. YD also reviewed KODA’s advanced technology, which includes “four 3-D cameras, a single 13-megapixel front-facing camera, and an ergonomic structure that incorporates realistic dog-like features.”

Whipsaw Senior Industrial Designer Akifusa Nakazawa remarks, “I think our design of KODA will set a benchmark for future robots in this space. It’s important to realize that the word ‘dog’ was just a starting point for us in the design room…We designed something entirely new.”

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