Brita Stream Pitchers and Gatan Microscope Win Red Dot Awards

Whipsaw is honored with two Red Dot Awards in 2018

August 15, 2018

Whipsaw was honored with two Red Dot Awards in the Red Dot 2018 competition – the Brita Stream Pitcher Line and the Gatan TEM High Res Camera Line. Being a “Red Dot” recipient equates to being an established and sought-after seal of quality of products that feature an outstanding design.

The Brita Stream Pitchers are a completely new and innovative line for Brita. Unlike the original Brita pitchers that you fill and wait to drink, the new Stream Rapids, Cascade and Hydro pitchers “filter-as-you-pour”. The filter is suspended directly under the spout, allowing all water to exit cleanly, and for all the water in the pitcher to be visible at all times. The filter (replaced after forty gallons) pops out of the filter holder. All models are comfortable to carry and pour, and easily fit in a refrigerator door. The form of each pitcher is intended to suggest rapid water flow.

Gatan TEM High Res Camera Line’s OneView and Rio are electron microscope cameras that mount to the side of any electron microscope to capture the sample image, magnifying it down to 9 micrometers at more than 4K resolution. They are highly precise with incomparable speed and sensitivity. Our design language conveys both precision and stability, a reference to the technical requirement of remaining completely stationary while in use. Each are made of lead, aluminum and stainless steel. The central dish is symbolic of the round focal field inside every electron microscope.

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